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KMU Contact Numbers

From opening of admissions to examinations, conferences, tenders people look for KMU Contact Numbers. They don’t know whom to contact and what could be the specific contact number to try.

This post will give you an idea who is the right person for you, to be contacted.

First of all you need to know how contact numbers work inside Khyber Medical University.

How KMU Contact Numbers works?

Khyber Medical University uses telephone exchange or telephone switch system to connect among different offices inside main campus located at Phase V, Hayatabad, Peshawar.

Anyone calling KMU from outside, calls KMU telephone exchange first and then the operator at telephone exchange connects the caller with specific office. So anyone calling should know the KMU telephone exchange contact numbers as well the office extension to which he want to call.

What are KMU Telephone Exchange Contact Numbers?

  • 091 9217703
  • 091 9217696
  • 091 9217699

Any one calling from Peshawar/Charsadda region should not dial 091 (city code). Callers from outside Pakistan should add +92 as country code.

Now as you know KMU Telephone Exchange Contact Numbers, you need to know extension numbers of each office in order to contact the specific officer.

Vice Chancellor KMUExt: 101
PS to Vice ChancellorExt: 120
Registrar OfficeExt: 119
PS to RegistrarExt: 116
Additional Registrar (SA&A)Ext: 110
Establishment OfficeExt: 140
Examination SectionExt: 117
Degree SectionExt: 145
Admissions SectionExt: 147
Ext: 162
Ext: 158
Academics SectionExt: 148
Ext: 156
I.T SectionExt: 135
Ext: 103
Accounts SectionExt: 132
AdministrationExt: 114
QEC SectionExt: 153
Ext: 154
Audit SectionExt: 131
Ext: 138
Procurement SectionExt: 113
Main GateExt: 160
ORICExt: 166
Ext: 168
KMU Admin Block Extension Numbers

So if you want to call any specific officer, you call on KMU Telephone Exchange Numbers and ask the operator to dial you an extension to talk to specific officer.

Beside office extension numbers, there are direct numbers for key officers and constituent institutes.

Vice Chancellor KMU091 9217695
Registrar KMU091 9217345
Treasurer KMU091 9217253
Controller of Examinations091 9217698
Director Admissions and Academics091 9217022
Director QEC091 9217755
Direct ORIC091 9217258
Principal KIMS0922 9260325
Principal KIDS0922 513119
Consultant IPMS091 2614345
KMU INS091 5862514
Director IBMS091 9217838
Director IHPER091 9219612
Director IPMR091 9217266
KMU IPHSS091 9217268
KMU IPMS091 2614345
KMU IPMR091 5892885
Key Officers and Constituent Institutes Direct Contact Numbers

If you want to contact Khyber Medical University via email, you can use contact form on KMU Official Website.
You can also fax via KMU fax number 091 9217704.

Some of frequently asked questions about KMU contact numbers and address by students.

  • What is KMU Contact Number?

    KMU Contact Number

    091 9217703
    091 9217696
    091 9217699

  • What is KMU Address?

    Khyber Medical University, Phase V, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Pakistan

  • What is KMU IPMS Duranpur Contact Number?

    091 2614345

  • What is KMU IPMR Contact Number?

    091 5892885

  • What is KMU INS Contact Number?

    091 5862514