KMU MBBS BDS Admissions 2021 – Online Apply

KMU MBBS BDS Admissions

KMU MBBS BDS Admissions for session 2021-22 will start right after PMC MDCAT Tests are over. The Admissions process will be online through KMU admissions website.

Every province have one admitting University. In KP admitting University is Khyber Medical University (KMU). Over the past few years KMU is doing admissions for all public sector medical colleges in KP province.

KMU MBBS BDS Admissions

Being admitting university, KMU is responsible for admissions of all public sector medical colleges in KP province. For about 2 decades, there used to be ETEA Medical Entrance Test in KP for admissions in medical colleges of KP, but for last 2 years Pakistan Medical Commission has announced centralized/same test all over the country and made the test mandatory for admissions in all medical colleges of country.

PMC MDCAT (Medical and Dental Colleges Admissions Test) is compulsory for KMU MBBS BDS Admissions as well.

KMU MBBS BDS Admissions will start in the 2nd week of November, 2021. Currently there are a lot of confusions going on over the A-Levels Result and Special Exams.

PMC and Federal govt. asked admitting universities to consider A-Levels Result which probably be announce in January 2022. And admit the students before that on provisional basis. Although it is impossible to provisionally admit students and later down-shift or cancel their admissions.

So the confusions is still there, which hopefully will be cleared in couple of days and the admissions process might start in 2nd week of November.

How to Apply for KMU MBBS BDS Admissions

Apply for admissions will be online through KMU Admissions website. The following process need to be followed for successful apply.

  1. Visit KMU Admissions website.
  2. Create Account and Login into your account.
  3. Fill your basic profile, contacts and qualification.
  4. Choose the category you are applying for i-e Open Merit, Self Finance, FATA, OPF, Backward Area or Minority etc
  5. Choose colleges priority from all colleges. (List of KPK Medical Colleges).
  6. Submit application and download challan form.
  7. Submit fee at any branch of MCB on required challan form.
  8. Fee will be automatically verified in 48 hours.
  9. Wait for merit list.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. FSc Pre Medical or Equivalent.
  2. At least 65% marks in FSc/HSSC or Equivalent.
  3. At least 65% marks in PMC MDCAT 2021.

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KMU MBBS BDS Aggregate Formula

  1. Matric = 10%
  2. FSc/HSSC = 40%
  3. PMC MDCAT = 50%

Calculate your KMU MBBS BDS Admissions Aggregate using this calculator.

Step by Step Procedure of KMU MBBS BDS Admissions

Mostly students don’t know the procedure, how admission process work. They need to know the step by step procedure of KMU Admissions in MBBS and BDS.

After PMC NMDCAT Results are declared, the admissions process for public sector medical and dental colleges starts through out the country.

Below are the steps, how admissions process work for KMU.

  1. Advertisement For Admissions in MBBS and BDS of Public Sector Medical Colleges of KP.
  2. Online Application and Fee Submissions.
    1. Online submission of application which includes filling basic form, qualifications and colleges priorities.
    2. Submission of admission processing fee and its verification.
  3. Scrutiny of Documents provided by students.
  4. Display of Provisional Merit List.
  5. Appellate meeting for claims/objections on provisional merit list.
  6. Hafiz e Quran Test.
  7. Medical Board for Disabled candidates.
  8. Appellate meeting for Hafiz e Quran and Disabled students for their claims.
  9. Display for Final Merit List.
  10. Interviews for the placement and allocation of colleges.
  11. Students arrival at colleges and submission of admission fee.
  12. Shifting of students to upper merit colleges continues until all seats are filled.

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List of Medical Colleges in KP (Public Sector)

  1. Khyber Medical College, Peshawar
  2. Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad
  3. Khyber Girls Medical College, Peshawar
  4. Bacha Khan Medical College, Mardan
  5. Saidu Medical College, Swat
  6. Nowshera Medical College, Nowshera
  7. Gajju Khan Medical College, Swabi
  8. Gomal Medical College, D.I.Khan
  9. Bannu Medical College, Bannu
  10. KMU Institute of Medical College, Kohat

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List of Dental Colleges in KP (Public Sector)

  1. Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar
  2. Ayub Medical College, Dental Section, Abbottabad
  3. Bacha Khan Medical College, Dental Section, Mardan
  4. KMU Institute of Dental Sciences, Kohat

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