MBBS Admissions 2022-23

MBBS Admissions 2022-23

MBBS Admissions 2022 will start from 25th Nov 2022 for Public Sector Medical Colleges and to be concluded by 31st December 2022, recently decided by National Admission Scheduling Committee of Pakistan Medical Commissions.

MBBS Admissions 2022-23 in Pakistan

On 15th July 2022 a meeting Held in PMC Head Office, arranged by National Admission Scheduling Committee of PMC, which was attended by the focal persons of all admitting universities. In meeting it was decided that Public Sector Medical Colleges admissions will start from 25th Nov 2022 through out the country in all admitting Universities.

One common problem for all admitting universities in previous years was that the shifting process never ends. When seats in MBBS get vacant, students from BDS shift to it and similarly from Private Colleges to Public Colleges.

So, it is now decided that first MBBS admissions will be concluded in Public Sector Medical Colleges , then MBBS Admissions in Private Medical Colleges will start.

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Similarly for BDS admissions, it will first start in Public Sector Dental Colleges through out the country and then in Private Sector Dental Colleges.

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MBBS Admissions 2022-23 Important Dates

Government Medical Colleges MBBS Admissions

Start Date: 25th November, 2022
Closing Date: 31st December, 2022

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Private Medical Colleges MBBS Admissions

Starting Date: 1st January, 2023
Closing Date: 31st January, 2023

Dental Colleges Admissions

Admissions in Dental Colleges of Public Sector Colleges will be concluded after admission in MBBS for both Public and Private Medical Colleges.

Admissions in government dental colleges will be concluded before 14th Feb,2023 and for Private dental colleges it should be concluded on 28th Feb, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admissions 2022-23

  1. FSc Pre Medical or A-Levels with Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Maths Subjects
  2. Appeared in PMC MDCAT and obtained 55% for MBBS and 45% for BDS

For BDS: MDCAT 45%

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