Calculate MDCAT Equivalency [MDCAT 2021 vs 2020]

MDCAT Equivalency 2021 vs 2020
MDCAT Equivalency 2021 vs 2020

Recently PMC has announced that MDCAT Equivalency will be provided for MDCAT 2020. How this equivalency will be calculated? We will discuss this in detail in this article.

As Per Pakistan Medical Commission Admissions Regulations 2021 published in June this year, MDCAT will be two subsequent years i-e MDCAT 2020 is valid for Admissions in 2021.

But this comes with a condition that equivalency for previous test will be provided. Now question arises, how MDCAT equivalency can be calculated?

Common sense says, it should be difficulty index comparison between both the MDCAT’s. But how difficulty index can be calculated? The difficulty index given to any question in MDCAT 2020 might be different from difficult index given to same level of question in MDCAT 2021.

How to Calculate MDCAT Equivalency

Normally when it comes to finding Equivalency, its relative comparison between both the MDCAT’s. For example

  1. How many students passed test last year Vs how many passed this year?
  2. What are average marks in MDCAT 2020 vs average marks in MDCAT 2021.
  3. Comparisons between toppers marks of MDCAT 2020 and MDCAT 2021.

This way difficulty between two MDCAT’s can be calculated, and equivalency can be calculated then.

As PMC already mentioned that MDCAT 2021 is difficult as compared to MDCAT 2020. So this means higher the marks in MDCAT 2020, lower it will be as compare to 2021. How? Lets do some math.

Lets say that after finding the difficulty between both MDCAT’s reach at the point that MDCAT 2021 is 10% difficult than MDCAT 2020. So,

10% of 200 = 20 => 20/200 = 0.1
Which means there is 0.1 difference between 1 marks of MDCAT 2020 and MDCAT 2021

So, if can candidate having 170 Marks in MDCAT 2020

170/1.1 = ~155

So according to this Example, MDCAT 2020 170 Marks will be equivalent to 155 Marks.

This is just an example to explain how equivalency calculation works, the difficulty however can be different from this example.

Lets wait for PMC MDCAT 2021 gazette to know the exact situation. In case of any queries write me an email at

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