PMC Rejects False News about Merger of Dental and Medical Colleges

Merger of Dental and Medical Colleges
Merger of Dental and Medical Colleges

Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) Clarifies misconceptions to avoid any miscommunication between the PMC and the Dental Colleges of Pakistan.

The Commission has granted an “Option” to colleges of either having a completely separate and standalone college or as was the practice in the past to have a dental program and a medical program merged under a single college. It is clarified that the Commission at NO Time has made it mandatory upon all Dental colleges to merge into a Medical College. This is an option given to the Dental Colleges to facilitate them and to be exercised by them at their option, hence providing flexibility in terms of both education management and financial management.

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The Commission has at stated or Mandated that the last date of admission for Medical and Dental Colleges should be the same. The PMC Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education regulation 2021-(Amended) simply provides a final date for the closure of all admissions for all medical and dental colleges of Pakistan. The discretion and choice were left to the colleges to decide amongst themselves if they want to schedule their admission closure in the case of the medical program earlier than that of the dental program. This is a right given to all colleges under PMC Act 2020 and the Commission cannot abridge or curtail such right.

In response to the incorrect, false news being spread, it is clarified that the commission has neither directed dental colleges to merge with medical colleges nor shutdown the dental colleges. The commission however provided an additional option for a dental college to use some of the common facilities with its associated medical colleges. This is to provide financial relief to dental colleges. It is up to each dental college whether to operate with all independent facilities or share them with their associated medical colleges in order to reduce their operating costs.